About Us


First and foremost we are Professional Fly Fishing Guides!

Our team of carefully selected fishing guides, pride themselves on their high standards and informative approach to fly fishing.
We will demonstrate the correct techniques, supply correct fly patterns and readily provide advice on tactics, ensuring that you are in the best position to catch that all elusive fish!
Each guide has at least 40 years of fly fishing experience and we are here to pass on our wealth of knowledge to give you an angling experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Tight Lines!



Meet the Team

John McCallum

John is the director of Fly Fish Scotland and is dedicated to providing all of his clients with the best possible service. He is a current Scotland Internationalist and has represented his country in several World Championships. He was also Scottish Rivers Champion in 1994 and Commonwealth Champion in New Zealand in 2008. John brings a wealth of knowledge and through his experience, he can teach you techniques that will increase your catch rate and pleasure of fishing.

Franz Grimley

Franz is a very experienced Guide and alongside John, he is one of Scotland's most successful anglers. He is 9 times Scottish River Internationalist, 4 times gold medal winner and Scottish National Rivers Champion. (1996). He is also a qualified advanced instructor and Patagonia guide.

So if you are looking for a great days fishing, Franz will take you to the best spots available and share his extensive knowledge of the water.

Peter Batchelor

Peter is an experienced Guide who has been working with Fly Fish Scotland for a number of years and thoroughly loves it !
As a young boy he started fishing on the River Clyde and over the years has gained vast experience on many of the major rivers throughout Scotland.
Peter has also represented Scotland several times in the Commonwealth and International Championships and when he is not fishing, Peter is also a professional fly-tier.

Iain Earle

Iain has over 40 years of Fly Fishing experience and has fished all over the world, as well as Scotland. After a personal invitation to Australia, Iain received great praise on teaching his fly fishing skills.

Iain has also represented Scotland several times in the Commonwealth and International Championships and is currently the Chairman of the Commonwealth Fly Fishng Scotland Team.

Simon Barnes

Simon has been fishing since the age of seven and his passion for trout fishing sent him on a new career path. For 30 years Simon ran a very successfull trout farm in Comrie, Scotland and from this he introduced a beginners trout fishery where anglers of all ages could catch their first trout, an experience which gave him a great deal of pleasure as well as his clients.

Caird Millar

Caird is a very skilled Salmon fisherman with over 60 years of experience on the North and South Esk rivers. Both of Caird’s parents were very keen anglers, so much so that at the tender age of five, they gave him a fishing rod - then tied him to a tree to prevent him from falling in !
To this day, he still likes to be tied to the odd tree !
Caird’s knowledge of Salmon fishing is invaluable and is a great asset to Fly Fishing Scotland.

 We guide on the best Salmon and Trout rivers in Scotland !

The River Tay

The Tay is without doubt the King of Scottish salmon rivers. It is the longest river in the UK, stretching 117 miles across Scotland. It starts on the slopes of Ben Lui in the far West of Scotland before eventually reaching the North Sea at Dundee on the East coast.

The Tay is also home to some of the best Sea Trout, Brown Trout and Grayling.

The River Tay salmon fishing season officially opens on the 15th of January each year and closes on October the 15th, although certain beats on the Tay have been extended in recent years to 31st of October,  following fresh runs of salmon.


The River Spey

The Spey is probably the most famous Salmon & Sea Trout river in the entire world and is located in the North East of Scotland. It measures 107 miles in length from its source at Loch Spey, 10 miles South of Loch Ness. The River Spey then enters the North Sea in the Moray Firth, on the North East Scotland. The Spey has many tributaries all of which help to increase it’s speed, making it the fastest flowing river in Scotland.

The Spey is fly fishing only and the home of the much used traditional Speycast.

The River Spey Salmon & Sea Trout fishing season opens on 11th February and runs to 30th of September.


The River Tweed

The Tweed is a famous Salmon fishing river located in the South East of Scotland. It measures 97 miles and meanders down through South East Scotland.

It is primarily a fly fishing river and has around 45 famous and well managed salmon fishing beats. Not only does it catch more fish on the fly than any other British river, but it also has a very captivating setting in Scotland's historic Border country.

The River Tweed salmon fishing season opens on the 1st of February and runs until the 30th of November making it one of the latest opening salmon fishing rivers in Scotland.


The River Dee

The Dee is a beautiful river located in the North East of Scotland and represents some of Scotland's finest Salmon fishing. The Dee starts in the Cairngorm mountain range and travels 87 miles until it reaches the North Sea in Aberdeen. The river also passes through Royal Deeside, home of Balmoral Castle.

The Dee is mainly a fly fishing river with clear water pools,  scattered boulders and rapids throughout it's entire length.

The River Dee Salmon fishing season opens on the 1st of February and runs until 15th of October.


The River Tummel

The Tummel is one of the main tributaries of the River Tay, a freestone river with scenery that is very picturesque throughout. Although the River Tummel is only 58 miles long, it has great runs of salmon and sea trout and is renowned  as one of the finest brown trout and grayling waters in Scotland.
The Tummel is a very popular river with dry fly anglers as they tend to attract the bigger fish !

The Tummel is also home to all the  Scottish National River Championships.

The River Tummel salmon fishing season starts on the 15th January and closes on 15 October.


The River Earn

The Earn is another major tributary of the Tay, with significant runs of salmon and sea trout as well as grayling and brown trout.  It is fortunate to have a late autumn run of salmon lasting to the end of October.

The Earn flows out of Loch Earn at St Fillans and runs east through Strathearn, then east and south.  The Earn is 46 miles long and travels south till it enters the Firth of Tay near Abernethy.

The River Earn Salmon fishing season commences on the 1st February and runs till 31st October.



When I met John I was an experienced angler, inc the fly, but had never fished for salmon. There were a number of people offering similar days; I can't recall why I choose John but I am so glad that I did! It would be fair to say that we hit it off straight away. What I immediately noticed and liked about John was that he was not constantly on your shoulder, but he was watching and every now and then there would be a tip. I have since seen John working with novices and with groups and he seems to have the knack of giving just the right amount of tuition and encouragement. I now fish with John once or twice a year for a week at a time if I can, fishing across the great Scottish salmon rivers in places that at are not always available on the web. He manages to find beautiful beats with good track records that are either exclusive or for just 2 or 3 rods, so offering a bit of freedom and you are never worried if you are moving quickly enough through a pool. I have often stood in awe at the beauty of some of the places that we have been. Importantly I have learned a huge amount from him, yet I have never felt as if I was being taught. He is modest and so won't tell you just how good a fisherman he is, but have a look at what he has won on an individual and team basis in Scotland colours. Safe to say he has forgotten more that most of us will ever know about game fishing. A fantastic cook who certainly knows his way around a wine list, both during and after a days fishing John (and his spaniel Islay) are great company. You are never short of laughs or conversation. I am always cautious about recommending people, but make an exception in John's case without reservation.

James Madden, London.

Never thought I would enjoy fishing so much. I have fly fished before for Trout, but had never fished for Salmon. John showed me how to Spey cast (yes, he was very patient) and before the end of the day, I had a Salmon in the net - which I might add was carefully returned to the river by John. I had a perfect day, the scenery was breathtaking and after sampling the Scottish cuisine, along with a few drams of the finest, I slept like a log. Will definitely be seeing you next year John !

Tim Searles, British Columbia, Canada.


I had not fly fished before and John took me and my husband to one of the most stunning parts of the River Dee, complete with Deer and Osprey. John taught me how to fly fish, he is very patient and a very good teacher. He also has a great sense of humour! We had a fantastic day including a lovely lunch. There was never a dull moment and I was sad when the day finally came to an end. We have kept in touch with John and fish with him most years.

Caroline, Glasgow.


John took my dad and me salmon fishing. I hadn't done it before and John taught me how to cast and catch fish. I managed to catch more that my dad ! Had a great time and want to do it again!

Adam Lobb aged 14, London.


Had a great time with John on the River Earn. Learnt a few new fishing techniques and also managed to catch a 15lb salmon ! Thank you John, I shall be back !

Bradley Jones, Tasmania.


Had a breath-taking journey to the fishing lodge, was taken to a lovely beat on the Tay where I was shown how to cast double handed - something I had not done before and soon after caught a lovely springer weighing almost 18lbs. I thoroughly enjoyed my whole day, catching the salmon was a bonus. Will look forward to next years visit !

Carl Howard, Wisconsin, USA